Steve Sondheim and me

Daniel P Quinn, SDC Director, Playwright, Poetry.@dquinn711
We mourn the death of Stephen Sondheim, as musical genius, legend and friend for many years.

The New York Timesdanielpquinn684 in 2019-20.
About 30 years ago I wrote Mr. Sondheim a letter obtrusely asking for his support early in my career. While at first he deferred, we began a correspondence and he became a donor and friend. In dark days and brighter years he urged me on and I am grateful. We wrote about other composers from Kurt Weill to Sylvano Bussotti.
A few years ago, I found myself at a bus stop across the street from Mr. Sondheim’s house. I knew his address from our correspondence but did not ring his bell. I knew him and he me over more than decades and query and response.
Thank you again Steve.
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New Grange, Ireland (3,000 BC) today.

Daniel P Quinn,

Fascinating article on New Grange, Ireland.

During my last trip to Ireland in 2006 I was there.

In The New York Times community,

danielpquinn684| Newark, NJ
When I approached this site, I debated whether or not I would slither through the entrance to see it.

Pondering I found the courage as I thought it was a once in a lifetime event, so I entered.

It gives one pause on so many elemental levels from light to darkness, a burial chamber revealed by the Solstice.

Simple in our minds perhaps but a profound gesture from the Ancients to us.

Erin go bragh never meant so much as here deep in this Earthen passage even in Century 21.

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Moliere meets Folly of the Irish.

When I produced Margaretta D’Arcy and John Arden’s play VANDALEUR’S FOLLY (on the first failed Irish commune) Margaretta asked me to have the men play the women, and the women the men.

We did so. My actresses loved playing the male parts. The men not so much in 1983. Thuggery, shenanigans, a new view of the human spirit are all part of the Theatre over time.

Charlatans, liars and fools don’t do so well. Beware Ted, Lindsay, Don etc. Beware.

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Encore for Moliere and France.

“Molière” ‧ Extraordinary epic film of life and work of Moliere (1622–1673). Gripping, beautiful, tribute to Moliere by Ariane Mnouchkine (a favorite director of mine). “Molière” was entered in the 1978 Cannes Film Festival and PBS in 1980. It is a profound retort to the TARTUFFE zoomcast by FIAF in NYC.

Ariane MnouchkineMusic composed byRené ClemencicProducerClaude LelouchCastPhilippe CaubèreMarie-Françoise Audollent, : César Award Best SoundCésar Award Best FilmCésar Award Best Director

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danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ, 6/29/20

Sorry, they tore down Moliere as a revolutionary like wall paper alla Zoom………………….

Dreadful rendition of one of Moliere’s greatest plays.

danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ 7/13/20

Moliere curls were in & out. Let’s look at a century from Desi Arnaz to Carmen Miranda, Rita Moreno and many others. Ethnicity is an asset not a look.

Your appearance can change for your command of the part is what matters. This weird article has a banal glow of fashion and Hollywood glamour. It suggests all that matters is surface.

But the Art of Acting is our essence beneath the surface into our souls.

Not any color just divine. “Oh what Fools we mortals be. ” WS.


“organized labor” offers glimpses of Irish-Italian immigrant stories

by Daniel P Quinn

Tartuffe was tart indeed. Moliere adrift in zoom………

Sophocles speaks to us in 2020.

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Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; The Herald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press. Feb 28“organized labor”now on sale for $13.95 which we honor Joe Biden in 2021.February 24, 2021 Leave a comment Edit Louis Bamberger, my Mother and me 1921–2021. Bamberger’s was a division of Macy’s. My archive of Bamberger’s World War II era photo’s from my Family. My Mother was a Hosiery buyer there for 17 years. My Aunt Jo Basso began in the Cashiers office and became Head of Payroll and…Labor2 min read

Art Gallery Film Festival has selected SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!!

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Congratulations Damiel P Quinn ! Art Gallery Film Festival has updated the Judging Status of your submission SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! to Selected. SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!!’
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You’ve just achieved an incredible 5th selection on FilmFreeway,
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Outstanding job!

Daniel P Quinn on Author House;; is also Irish-Italian believe it or knot.

The New York Times

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DPQuinn | New Jersey
America has taken in millions from my Grandfather from Italy and my Great-Grandparents from Ireland. We both need and fear immigrants but America leads assimilation in the World. Germany has been generous here but we rebuilt them after WWII. Biden and Merkel have some similar qualities. The Republicans more or less are a disgrace internally and externally as well. We just have to get our Dreamers citizenship, and honor the desperate plight of the Haitians. Many have done well in NJ too. And the Arabs have transformed South Paterson to a shopping and dining mecca. Like the Koreans in Ft. Lee.
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Daniel P Quinn,

The Grief Deck publishes FURIES 4 Covid-19
Picking up the pieces online or Independent book store for 21-22 as The Grief Deck published FURIES 4 Covid-19 by Daniel P Quinn.
ArtsPR is still struggling to update our plans for 2021/22 amidst the chaotic web; world in which we live with overwrought temperatures, floods, fires, droughts and Covid-19.”— — PICKING UP THE PIECES FROM 2020 while linking the past from The Grief Deck to create a better future for all of us.
Near the end of 2019 we had plans for a diverse 2020 season. Of these, we did achieve a January 30th program on Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) at as a special event at Watchung Books in Montclair. To honor the grim plight of Syria we also did an outreach program to introduce members of our ArtsPR community to Fattal’s Syrian store in Paterson. We have…

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Before Mount Rushmore Gutzon Bourglum (1867-1941) had 4 commissions in Newark,NJ.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc for Veterans Day 11/11/21
Before Mount Rushmore Gutzon Bourglum (1867-1941) completed four commissions in Newark. This complex monument (above) to Wars of America after World War I in Military Park. Others include Lincoln; Founders monument near the Library and grounds of NJPAC in Newark, NJ.
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What resident of Newark, NJ knew Richard Strauss, Puccini + Leos Janacek ?

She lived in Newark for 40 years.

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Strauss, Puccini +Maria Jeritza=Newark, NJ.

As a Newark native, went to St Benedict’s Prep, and received a Certificate of Appreciation from Essex County College for my work there as Arts Editor of The Ecco, and Literary Editor of Shapes of Things. My writing has included a chapter on Maria Jeritza in my new book: Newark, Italy and me (

At Ramapo College I produced a Classical Concert Series featuring Emmanuel Ax; Fred Sherry; Ursula Oppens and Joyce Mathis as Young Concert Artists. With a dual degree from Intercultural Studies and Contemporary Arts at Ramapo College. I then went to grad school at the American University and worked at the Kennedy Center my career began.

At LaScala I as a guest of Claudio Abbado in Milan, Italy. At the Kennedy Center while ushering I saw every performance of LaScala; The Paris Opera; and Deutsche Oper. From the American premiere of Wieland Wagner; Giorgio Strehler and Max Bignens .
As a Producer at the Irish Arts Center I was a guest of Aer Lingus at the Dublin Theatre Festival in Ireland. Later I directed THE GIGLI CONCERT in English as a staged reading with Kate Burton and later in Italian in Rome.

Subsequently I was a guest of French Cultural services in Lyon, France for my 5 year Festival with the City of Paterson in their Historic District.
My 25 year Off-Broadway Award winning career is detailed in Exits+Entrances (Author House) on sale on the web.

Opera and Concert Series could be dedicated to Maria Jeritza for NJPAC in 2021/22. Jeritza was a superstar at the Metropolitan, Vienna, Czech, + LaScala Opera Companies. Jeritza also premiered Opera’s by Puccini, Strauss, + Janacek. Jeritza also loved, lived, and retired, to her home in Newark NJ.
The New York Times noted in their obituary she was a star of Opera’s Golden Age in the 20th century.

She was an Opera Diva, who lived, retired, and died In Newark in 1982 at 94. She attended and supported opera at The Mosque Theatre and Symphony Hall in Newark, NJ. Her appearances would generate instant applause at each performance with her blond hair and blue tinted glasses.
Homage to Maria Jeritza, who resided In Newark made opera history in Brno, Newark, The Met, Vienna as she inspired and worked with Giacomo Puccini, Leos Janacek, and Richard Strauss during her career.

MARIA JERITZA, STAR OF OPERA’S ‘GOLDEN AGE,’ DIES AT 94 ……/maria-jeritza-star-of-opera-s-golden-age-dies-at-94 .- Maria Jeritza, the internationally renowned soprano who has beencalled … Miss Jeritza was one of the great artists of opera’s’’golden age,’’ (1887–1982) longtime resident of Newark,NJ who sang for Richard Strauss, Leos Janacek, and GiacomoPuccini :Premiere’s at the Met, Vienna, Brno, LaScala in her illustrious career in Europe and the United States.

Richard Strauss wrote 4 Last Songs (and one last song for Maria(Jeritza ) who retired to Newark after her international opera career from Vienna to The Met.
Puccini loved Jeritza as his favorite TOSCA. Maria started the tradition of Tosca laying prone on the floor to sing “Vissi d’arte.”Jeritza premiered Janacek’s JENUFA among other highlights from Brno,Vienna and Milan. Her legendary musical soirees occurred at her home in North Newark. It should be an Historic Site and turned into a OperaMuseum while it still stands though now in private hands. Her postretirement appearances at The Met and Symphony Hall (formerly Mosque Theatre) garnered a rash of applause from the opera audience.
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc is part of Fractured Atlas< >
Our Awards: The Irish Institute, Short Play Festival, OBIE Award asco-producer, + Making History from City of Paterson, NJ.
Book reviews in The Montclair Times (4/3/08) + The Record (9/5/04). HonoringLabor < >
Scholarship + Certification from Nonprofit Executive & Emerging Leader Institute at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ (2015)

daniel p quinn

400 Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; The Herald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.


Adjudicator/Lecturer: SUNY/Brockport, Brooklyn College, Rutgers University, Morris Museum, Kearny, Belleville, Nutley Libraries, Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, Snug Harbor, Irish Arts Center, Lincoln Center, Caldwell College, NJPAC, Bridgeton Poetry Center, Italian-American Museum, NYC; Paterson Museum, American Labor Museum, Passaic County College, Pointers Society, Elmwood Pk…

100 years of Italian-American history in “Newark, Italy and me” (

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 10/29/21
In terms of shame and language, my Mother was warned by her Grandfather to NEVER speak Italian outside their house. Italians eventually lost their language consciousness.
The WASPS won that battle, as did THE KNOW NOTHINGS etc…Where are we ?
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My Family history in “Newark, Italy and me” ( book includes the long history of Newark from 1660’s until today. Feast of St Gerard since the 19th Century at St. Lucy’s Church every October.
My Grandfather G. Antonio Basso in front of his 7th Av. Barbershop (1920), Newark, Italy and me review in PRIMO; wedding photo of Augustino Basso;Mies van der Rohe complex(which demolished the Italian neighborhood in 1960);& Family home at 305 Summer Av from 1929-1972.