World Drama as AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books 2020).

American Phantasmagoria
By Daniel P Quinn,

Designed by Kevin Kramer (Lulu Books 2020).
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 1/19/21

I completed my Trilogy AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books) in 2020. It ends in chaos with a cameo appearance by djt.
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ArtsPR tours on demand for Newark, Paterson, or NYC.

The latest news for you and invitation for 5/8/21.
Daniel P Quinn

We will do Presidential History in Newark as noted in Newark, Italy and me from Lincoln to Hoover, and JFK, and a recent visit by Obama. This will all be part of my Newark Tour this Sat 5/8 at 11am. Suggested donation is $20- per person. Current donors are invited as my guest. Understanding Columbus (1920–27), the Red Scare, SACCO & VANZETTI and “Columbus” removed twice from sites in Newark, NJ. Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) over a century with hind-sight and foresight from 1920–2021.Remembering OLYMPIA DUKAKIS 1932-2021.Working 4, 10, 14 or 40 years in the Arts. Pro-bono conjoined by a continual search for funding, with more or less, year by year.
ArtsPR went cyber in 2020 with my 270 blogs in The New York Times. Our ongoing outreach on WordPress, Medium, Opera Daily and we just added Substack. Also a more strategic use of Constant Contact (2016-21).Let us count the ways planning for this year and next. New work including more pop-up events exclusively for our current donors. Restructuring what was postponed by Covid-19.Programs could include Madison Arts Center; Teddy Roosevelt Museum; Lincoln and us.Our community outreach is ongoing. Book signing programs with backstage stories from Milan; Ireland; France or The Kennedy Center to LaScala; Meryl Streep from BAM to Broadway; Lincoln Center to The Plant and — Daniel P Quinn
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Tribute to Olympia Dukakis

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
Tribute to Olympia Dukakis who died (5/1/21) at 89.
We worked together on a Brecht’s MOTHER COURAGE in Montclair. Olympia was a formidable MOTHER with the stirring score by Paul Dessau. Her Whole Theatre Company had moved into a vacant bank building on Bloomfield Ave.
Their work included Genet’s THE MAIDS and Tennessee Williams SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH all starring Olympia that were quite strong and moving. At one point she needed to return a script to an agent in Manhattan and I volunteered to do that for her.
Olympia was also interested in my play FANGS TO RICHES and wrote me a letter of recommendation. Her comments appear in AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books 2020) as does FANGS TO RICHES.
Olympia Dukakis starred in more than 130 stage productions, as well as more than 60 films and 50 television series. She won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1988 for her role in “Moonstruck” as Rose Castorini. She won a Golden Globe for the film as well, and received Emmy Award nominations for “Lucky Day” (1991), “More Tales of the City” (1998), and “Joan of Arc” (1999). She released an autobiography, “Ask Me Again Tomorrow: A Life in Progress,” in 2003. Last year, a feature-length documentary about her life, titled “Olympia,” was also released in the U.S.

Via Ireland and us.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc

Sharing a variety of views on Arts, Ireland, Politics and History (2021) — ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 10/24/20
Brilliant and breathtaking…. But we still have 4 months or years to go. I am exhausted and afraid in the “mean” time for all of the us(a) that still lays before us.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 10/23/20

Djt radiates inadvertent psychological projection onto other people. He discloses his own inadequicies again and again. Shockingly they expose the real djt as a reflection of himself and not those whom he is attacking. His inner truth does come out in his harrangues.
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My Irish cousins may (be) in The New York Times or Trifecta via Ireland and Staten Island.

danielpquinn, Newark, NJ

Nice article on Mr. Quinn. Wonder if we’re related but my Grandfather died when my Father was 10 about 1928, so I’ll never know. My went back to work at AT&T earn extra money working nights on roller skates. I met a man at her wake in 1980, who knew my Grandfather. Nothing more than that. Reply 4 Recommend Share

4 REPLIES, Ken, New York,

You have got to explain working nights at AT&T on roller skates. That sounds too good to not hear more. Reply 3 Recommended Share

danielpquinn, Newark, NJ @Ken
Much of this history appears in my books “organized labor” (Author House 2007)and a long Irish poem in Newark, Italy and me (2019 Lulu). Thanks for your interest and writing to me.

Declan Costello, Balbriggan Co Dublin Ireland
Ken you and me both, I’m imagining it though.

danielpquinn, Newark, NJ @Declan Costello

If you both buy a book I will supply more details.
After my Grandmother retired she also got free phone service in NYC from Ma Bell too.
BTW, I have Italian cousins named Costello too.

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danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Great article. There may be ecological hope for us yet. New York always leads the way. NJ just paved over most of the Meadowlands unfortunately.

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Off the wire on word press by Daniel P Quinn during 2020.
Jeff Bezos on parade,
Blogs (150) in The NYTimes: on History, Politics, Broadway + Covid-19.

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Performing Arts off Broadway then and (silence) now.

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of my debut with the American Premiere of Edward Bond’s play STONE in Soho (1981). This

was followed by Sophocles’ rarely seen THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS (1982–84) and a year later by the World Premiere of Daniel Gabriel’s SACCO & VANZETTI (1983–1995).

While working at Cultural Council Foundation (1983–86) we were invited on the roster of Soho Booking to promote our work. Soho Booking requested we film scenes from SACCO and the Sophocles.

We did so in a studio at St. Peters University. Both shows were reconfigured for that space and filmed in one long day.

In 2020, a donor for ArtsPR made a donation to help us transfer our archival VHS tapes to a DVD format.

While coping with in-house quarantine we submitted both to film Festival’s here and abroad. We were selected and won a Finalist award from Beyond The Curve International Film festival in Paris, France last month.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.

We performed a staged reading of American Phantasmagoria (Lulu Books 2020) and

did ZOOM w/William Carlos Williams Center (2020/21). The New York Times published over 200 of my Blogs during COVID-19. Also wrote articles: Word Press and Medium (20/21).

RECENTLY: Chinese New Year Celebration/NJPAC; Frank Lloyd Wright House/Glen Ridge; PATERSON/ Oradell Library; Lincoln/Tryp Newark (lobby above left), Fattals Syrian Bakery, (2/20) in Paterson; Watchung Books (1/20) in Montclair.

danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 12/18/20

What about “the greater good’ as a haven and open to immigrants and a fair count of all as the Constitution requires ? Justice for all, and not the few in Century 21.

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