The conflation between the unrelenting mass media

that promotes

Murder Crime

shows weekly,

decades of idiotic reality


glorification of NCIS

don’t help.

What ever happened to the Comedy or Variety shows ?

AGT also exploits the fame mythology.

Djt et al are surely masters of the mean game with their henchmen and accolytes.

Media culture is their blood and butter.


horrible and sad in this mania on display.

America wake up, please !!!

Egomania: sunny side up.

The madness here

as in anger




the unending misbehavior

of djt

to the detriment

of the United States

as a whole,

now a hole

of red and blue cheese.

There is no demeanor,

no justice in his swagger.

What is the rush ?

How about new


Djt degrades


every branch



To what end ?





himself ???

Daniel P Quinn (2020)

Mozart, DaPonte, Martha and us from the Opera.

Opera Daily
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There was a great article in The NYTimes on dazzling black and white COSI at Salzburg. Light years beyond the Coney Island fiasco at The Met as obfuscation of Mozart and DaPonte.
Daniel P Quinn Sep 15
The greatest Mozart I ever heard was the Paris Opera production with Georg Solti conducting Jules Bastin, Frederica Von Stade in the Versailles production by Giorgio Strehler when they came to the Kennedy Center. Paris Opera was stupendous
Of special note: Norman Treigle sang the Count at City Opera who I remember for his stage presence.
Mozart’s unfinished Zaide is a fragile work never staged at The Met.

Daniel P Quinn Sep 6 Liked by Opera Daily
NY City Opera revived LOUISE with Carol Neblett, based on the original production with Norman Treigle as their Father. Neblett was very good with Kenneth Riegel and Joseph Rolleau.
LOUISE seems like a lesser French BOHEME. There is a spellbinding photo of Treigle as the Father in Victor Guide to OPERA from 1968.

Opera Daily 🎶 — Martha

Opera Daily, Sep 7
Today we’re listening to…“M’appari,” (originally known as “Ach, so fromm”) Lionel’s aria from Act III of the romantic comic opera Martha by Friedrich von Flotow.

Daniel P Quinn Sep 7 Liked by Opera Daily
Jonas does a good job, but Nicolai Gedda’s Angel recording of this MARTHA aria is phenomenal. Gedda has amazing tone and breath control. Wondrously sung in the 1960’s as a Great Recording of the 20th century. Worth hearing anytime to astound the listener.

Opera Daily
Sep 7
I need to check this out thank you! To be completely honest it has been hard to choose! Between Pavarotti, Domingo, Kaufman, Schipa, Bjorling, Tagliavini! So many. Now I will add Gedda to the list


The wizard of “ID”

Trump was never believable. We were in sync when the virus emerged in China, the early deaths, the lockdown in Wuhan, the death of their eye doctor who tried to warn China and the world. He was pilloried, arrested and killed by China. We have heard and seen Djt as bogus weatherman, forecaster, and fool with idle claims like the virus will be gone by Easter, like the “flu” etc, etc. Then The Great Reaper (Death) emerged to attack and destabilize the world. On TV we watched the ignomious behavior in China, the devestation in Northern Italy, and increasing panic began in Asia, Euroies” like the manic parades in N. Koreape and US(a). The COVID-19 was lessened by severe measures while the US(a) began its disintegration into Sates rights, rumor and bluster by our “Commander-in-Chief”. Really ??? Now we watch millions more die in India, Brazil while Djt still rears his belligerent head as the deaths moved from “blue” to “red” States. I have often wondered why the greater good never entered his mind. But then I remembered Djt enjoys “chaos” and adulation at his “rallies” playing to his base. He has debased the Country and mocked the Allies and is still in office. WHY ???

Daniel P Quinn did a program at Paterson Museum for “organized labor” in 2012.

Labor Day Poems Singing Of Paterson’s Past

August 31, 2012 by Paterson Times

In his poem collection “organized labor: collected poems,”  Daniel P. Quinn paints a portrait of the 1913 labor strike in Paterson, NJ. The strike came as a result of technological innovation in the silk industry, which allowed the owners of the silk-mills to buy high tech machines that would replace workers. In other words, where as it took 8 workers to weave silk, now, with the new machines it took only 2 or 3.

The silk-bosses wanted to drive down the wage of jobs; they wanted to eliminate employees in order to increase profit; and they were picking and singling them out one by one, but the workers would have none of it, and so they went on strike. As one text described the intention of Silk Manufacturers: “The wages of all silk workers will therefore be cut down to the lowest possible level of starvation.”

20,000 workers went on strike, and 1,850 of them were arrested. Authorities used violence, clubbing and shooting to get the works back to work, but it failed.

Next year, 2013, will be the 100th anniversary of that strike. On Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012, Mr Quinn gave a lecture at the Paterson Museum to honor “organized labor” (Author House 2005) in Paterson which we note again in 2020.

During this labor day, Patersonians will take great pride in the role their city played in the labor movements of the last century which brought in the 8 hours work day, above starvation wages, end of child labor, among others.

Labor Day history: it was in 1882, Matthew Maguire of International Association of Machinists in Paterson, N.J invented Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day, Paterson!Sharing