Daniel P Quinn with Biella to Biricchino Arts/Labor event in NYC.

ArtsPR and my Basso/Botto connections at Biricchino, NYC…

Daniel P Quinn and ArtsPRunlimited present: Labor/Arts Centennial Gala
honoring members of the Botto Family @Biricchino and Centennary of
Paterson Silk Strike Pageant at nearby Madison Square Garden in 1913.
Both the Botto Family and the owners of Biricchino hail from the same
regional capital Biella in Piedmonte and savor the cuisine
of Biella and Piedmonte.  We have also invited the Archivist of
Madison Square Garden to attend this Centennial Program whom we have
met and presented her with some documentation on the Pageant for their
archival collection in NYC.   There was also a factory fire in Newark in
1911.Daniel P Quinn will offer some insights into the Strike and
Pageant. Eric Hafen, and Patricia Flynn will perform w/Piedmontese
cuisine honoring Biella, Italy as well. Mr. Hafen will perform excerpts
of material from the 1913 pageant as John Reed. Patricia Flynn will
reprise her virtuoso role as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. Ms. Flynn
previously was seen at the Botto House National Landmark American Labor
Museum in Haledon, NJ.

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