Daniel P Quinn offers ArtsPR in cyber mode in this virus season (2020).

Moving into cyber ArtsPR from notable Community programs at Oradell Library, Watchung Booksellers, Syrian Bakery, Fair Lawn Library, and the William Carlos Williams Center in Rutherford. Hunkering down with a lively presence on The New York Times web site with numerous published comments as well.

Heritage of Lyons, France/Paterson, NJ, and Newark Museum Arts all appear in my various books at Ljulu or Author House. They include Newark, Italy, and Me (2018) Lulu Books. Arts in Education,Interdisciplinary, Opera History, Presenting, Guest Lecturing and Teaching Theatre events we can also do Zoom events. Newark Italy+Me from 1666-2019. Or read “organized labor” (B+N.com) by Daniel P. Quinn. “A wonderful book of poems.” The Bergen Record feature article.

Exits&Entrances- The Montclair Times reviewed it. Or Ibsen Master Builder alla Trump Redux as a new venture with us.

3 thoughts on “Daniel P Quinn offers ArtsPR in cyber mode in this virus season (2020).

  1. Would you consider a discount ? The Newark Library bought a copy and put in on the World Cat (alogue) on the web. I also got a web review that might interest you.


  2. Hi Mr. Quinn: I hope this letter finds you well. This is Truby Chiaviello, publisher of PRIMO Magazine. Congratulations on your new book “Newark, Italy and Me.” I am writing to see if you would like to take advantage of PRIMO’s Author’s Package and promote, advertise and get your book reviewed in PRIMO. Last edition, we had eight authors/publishers who got their books reviewed in PRIMO through our Author’s Package. Each review is 500 words with a photo of the book cover and information on where to purchase. In addition, they receive a banner ad, print ad and are interviewed for our web site. The Author’s Package costs only $195 and gets great results for authors and book publishers. Please let me know your thoughts. My email address is potompub@aol.com. Thanks and again congratulations on “Newark, Italy and Me.” Sincerely, Truby Chiaviello

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