Lincoln is watching you while turning in his grave.

Subject: Lincoln is watching you while turning in his grave.

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 12/26/20
50 x 1 = 50% of Americans who have given up on Wall St. Perhaps like me they have been burned too often. 50% do not own stocks. 50% get zero interest on their money. 50% are at or near desperation !!! Half of those or more voted for djt.Others did not. Djt still declares he won like greed is good, I win you LOSE.
DJT aka D(ire) J(ackass) T(rouble).
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 10/19/20Herd immunity will meet “heard” rumors on the web and collapse. Repeat once again with “maskers’ vs “non-maskers” aka patriots vs non-patriots all thanks to the Herder in Chief.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 9/20/20The madness here as in anger and derangement is the unending misbehavior of djt to the detriment of the United States as a whole, now a hole of red and blue cheese.There is no demeanor, no justice in his swagger. What is the rush ?How about new ARTICLES of IMPEACHMENT ?Djt degrades recklessly every branch of government.To what end ?An EGO trip for himself ?
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