3 worlds meet QUEEN V. in AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books ) 2021.

daniel p quinn

Thinking of the space
the haves
and the have nots.

the announcers
snicker through a newscast.

Editorializing the notion of
as if a joke


an in-joke
to be



laughed at.

The world

in the studio,
the world

from the studio
and my world.

Would 3 piece suits

be torn to shreds

in the third world ?

Three generations and mine

and our ascendancy.

As il papa traveled

through Brazil,

El Salvador or Nicaragua.

The 3rd world is transformed/transforming

our notion(s) of reality.

Would 3 piece suits

still be banned


is it time

for that

third martini ?

Would such voices of reason

still be dismissed…


our living rooms

were filled with reason

rather than


from the TV

tube ?

© 2011/21 by Daniel P. Quinn

Irish Institute Award, Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT Classics) 2010; Exits & Entrances, 25 years Off-Broadway (2007–8) and “organized labor”, (AuthorHouse) 2005.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel P Quinn,Producing Director, ArtsPR.973-482-0747

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