Royals (ripley) for 2021

danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 3/9/21
The Brits w/brexit are living in a bygone empire. Pomposity in lieu of generosity. Lords over commoners. Their only asset is Elizabeth—-even she recognized Charles should never become king.
The rest are hangars on. A British colleague once stunned me when he told me they never felt part of Europe—but APART as better than any other country. Why are they still in Ireland ?
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Irish-American Trifecta in The NYTimes.
danielpquinn, Newark, NJ 9/9/20
Nice article on Mr. Quinn. Wonder if we’re related but my Grandfather died when my Father was 10 about 1928, so I’ll never know. My went back to work at AT&T earn extra money working nights on roller skates. I met a man at her wake in 1980, who knew my Grandfather. Nothing more than that. 
Ken, New York, @danielpquinn
You have got to explain working nights at AT&T on roller skates. That sounds too good to not hear more. 
danielpquinn, Newark, NJ @Ken
Much of this history appears in my books “organized labor” (Author House 2007)and a long Irish poem in Newark, Italy and me (2019 Lulu).
Thanks for your interest and writing to me.
Declan Costello, Balbriggan Co Dublin Ireland Ken you and me both, I’m imagining it though.
danielpquinn, Newark, NJ @Declan Costello
If you both buy a book I will supply more details.
After my Grandmother retired she also got free phone service in NYC from Ma Bell too.
BTW, I have Italian cousins named Costello too.
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