Internment of Italians in the USA during World War II.

Here are some facts in Century 21.

Trudeau has gotten this right in 2021 via The Washington Post.
Let us not forget La Storia Segretto (Secret History) of the Italians interned here in the United States during WWII. The Italians still sit by unknowing of their own history in Century 21. Why ?
Trudeau apologizes for the WWII internment of Italian CanadiansBy Amanda Coletta ●  Read more »
Some background:
“On February 24, 1994, the exhibit Una Storia Segreta: When Italian Americans Were ‘Enemy Aliens’ opened at the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco. The opening on February 24 memorialized the date in 1942 when enemy aliens of Italian descent living in recently-designated “prohibited zones” on the West Coast had to leave their homes and businesses in those zones and move elsewhere”.
How about reparations for the Italians and an apology here too by President Biden ?

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