Sacco and Vanzetti centennial 1920-27 and 2020-27 programs.

We have a gripping program with Anthony Spaldo, Ellen Lanese and Paul Parente who are featured in DVD film. We would show this with our Award winning short film as well as a talk and discussion about emigration in their and our time.
“Burn them” cried the public of Boston” by Daniel Gabriel.
SACCO & VANZETTI in our acclaimed production premiered in 1983. Subsequently, it toured to the Foundation Theatre at Burlington County College; Garibaldi-Meucci Museum on Staten Island; William Carlos Williams Center +Passaic County College with the American Labor Museum Botto House in NJ as well after our NYC debut Off-Broadway.
Daniel P Quinn’s program on his off-Broadway premiere production of Daniel Gabriel’s SACCO & VANZETTI.  Anniversary program on the August 1927 execution of Sacco & Vanzetti. We have a short film featuring the execution scene of my production with the original cast. We will also offer a audience discussion of the period of the roaring 20’s and anti-emigrant hysteria somewhat like today but then against the Italians.

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