Soccer, Italy, Pinter’s Birthday Party and mine.

Sharing the highs and lows of my B-day today. After a mini-breakfast, I decided to take a foray out of my humidified studio and go out for lunch at Luigi’s. But first I would make a trip downtown for a few fresh items at Whole Foods. 

These days if it’s TOO hot I tend to stay in my building for those days.  Today i was just humid so I got the second bus back from downtown to Luigi’s. The food there is always excellent but today there were unexpected bus detours.  I saw a huge crowd on Bloomfield Av., and thought something disastrous had happened again in Newark.

Upon departing that bus my fresh products from Whole Foods crashed out of the bag because of the humidity onto the street. Miraculously, the glass bottle of cream did not shatter as all items do on my tiled kitchen floor.

Started walking the 1/4 mile to Luigi’s and realized after getting halfway there they were broadcasting the Italy-UK soccer match there outdoors on Bloomfield Av. 
It was exciting to see such a huge crowd locally watching soccer but there they were.

Realizing, this might be a futile venture I started walking back to the nearest working bus stop and arrived back here.  No dinner.

But I had a fresh banana and chocolate milk from whole foods. 

And Italy won.

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