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daniel p quinn

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Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; The Herald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.

Newark, Italy and me ( on my history of Newark for 2021.

Newark is coming back to downtown life thanks to the Museum and their newly renovated and expanded Bamberger Entrance on Washington St, Prudential and their renovations of blocks near their sparkling new Headquarters building. The Hahne’s renovation is world class. Pedestrian and shopping traffic have picked up and Newark is ready for the Spring. Rutgers is also buying buildings and restoring them for the 21st century.

We will explore the work of Arshille Gorky, the Beer business in Newark including Pabst and the Ballentine House, a visit to…Read more · 1 min read

Daniel P Quinn received a scholarship for his 2015 Certificate from Rutgers University Institute for Ethical Leadership. Irish Institute Award, Short Play Festival Award, OBIE Award. The New York Times Company Foundation, Grand Marnier Foundation, The Bergen Foundation, NYSCA, Bickford Theatre, CUNY/John Jay College Panelist;. Featured in Arts Beat; The New York Times web blog, Bergen Record, Coast Star, Montclair Times. Our work has also been featured in The Herald News, Daily Record, Irish Echo, and Irish Voice.

Earlier I appeared on The Today Show, Variety, ABC, NBC, S. America and Polish TV for the Passion Play controversy as co-director in Union City for the Park Theatre.

We offer New Projects by Small Business Friends and Sponsors via our media account on EINMedia outreach in 2022 .

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