Beethoven, Sondheim, us for Century 21.

50 years ago The Met premiered their new production of FIDELIO to Celebrate Beethoven’s 200th Birthday in 1970.

Maybe one day we’ll see his other editions as LEONORE.

Happy Birthday Maestro nonetheless 50 years later.

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The New York Times, 6/28/20

Lobbying for a Intercultural viewpoint rarely seen in The New York Times.

danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Forgive me, but I am worn out by this never ending view of the travails of the elite in the UK.

How about the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, the Commedie Francaise in Paris, the Berliner Ensemble ?

Must The Times always , only espouse British culture again and again ? How about Arena Stage, the Guthrie, the Kennedy Center ?

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Celebrating Stephen Sondheim at 90

The New York Times, danielpquinn684

About 30 years ago I wrote Mr. Sondheim a letter obtrusely asking for his support early in my career. While at first he deferred, we began a correspondence and he became a donor and friend. In dark days and brighter years he urged me on and I am grateful. We wrote about other composers from Kurt Weill to Sylvano Bussotti.

A few years ago, I found myself at a bus stop across the street from Mr. Sondheim’s house. I knew his address from our correspondence but did not ring his bell. I knew him and he me over more than decades and query and response.

Thank you again Steve.

And Buon compleanno alla 90.

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Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (; “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; The Herald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press. Mar 11

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The New York Times published 260 of my letter blogs having been both a NYTimesPick, and a Readers Choice on numerous days. Some generated additional feedback in the USA and Internationally, pro and con.

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