Burn, baby Burn ?

 New Jersey 7/15/21
In 1989 my Father died of a heart attack in a brutally hot summer. The weather and heat have gotten worse since then. When I saw lemons growing on a porch in Nutley NJ it was stunning. Part of me says we have less air pollution than we used to. Has the ozone layer still retreated ?
I remember when fans in you hand residence or dept. store were normal.
Not sub-freezing temperatures on mass transit or in every store.
We are off-kilter in too may ways.
In grammar school I won honorable mention for a Science Fair solar oven in 1966.
Watching the west coast burn as we experience micro-climate flooding on the East coast. WHERE ARE WE GOING ? Up, down or sideways ?
Venice banned cruise ships.
There are glimmers of hope with torrential embers on fire.
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc Media & CommunityPress Releases (2017-21)
Caring about ArtsPR, The CARES Act & begging for bucks in 2020 
ArtsPR & The CARES Act for Antonio Masini; Sophocles;
SACCO&VANZETTI (1920-2020) and Lincoln Kearny exhibit in 2022.
Honoring LOVE via Leo Buscaglia and Music via Stephen Sondheim at 90 in 2020. 

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