Approaching 9/11/21 our veterans and us(a).

Approaching 9/11/21 our veterans and us(a).
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DPQuinn | New Jersey 9/7/21
When my Mother died about 10pm, on 9/10/11, I was awake most of the night before 9/11/01. Just beginning Funeral plans when the Funeral Director said to turn on the TV. We watched the Towers as each was hit and fell. I remember the sound of people jumping live and their crash on the news broadcasts and people being told to stay in place. How stupid. Within a few hours all the Funeral plans collapsed. The cemetery in Queens was inaccessible and closed. We had trauma here as well. Many Vets suffered catastrophic injuries. Every war the same and not less. Who won ? Who lost ? All these memories linger and come to life every 9/11.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 9/4/20
My Father fought in India, Burma and China during World War II. He was a Sargent and spent 4 years fighting. He was never a “sucker” or “loser” but trump certainly is.

danielpquinn, Newark, NJ, 8/31/20
The rhetorical flames are ever rising, but downtown Newark, Montclair, Rahway, are all virtual ghost towns in NJ. Newark was coming back with an expanded Rutgers Newark campus, new corporate headquarters for Prudential. BUT there are few if any pedestrians. Whole Foods took away every chair and table where people used to gather for lunch.
Amazon like WF now shops for the Prime customers leaving the rest of us in between a rock and no place to sit. Djt has constant hissy fits, but hundred of small businesses are gone.
PEOPLE are suffering and 183,000 have actually died. He doesn’t want to see reality, yet his hissy fits may win. America is dying too.

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