100 years of Italian-American history in “Newark, Italy and me” (Lulu.com)

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DPQuinn | New Jersey 10/29/21
In terms of shame and language, my Mother was warned by her Grandfather to NEVER speak Italian outside their house. Italians eventually lost their language consciousness.
The WASPS won that battle, as did THE KNOW NOTHINGS etc…Where are we ?
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My Family history in “Newark, Italy and me” (Lulu.com).My book includes the long history of Newark from 1660’s until today. Feast of St Gerard since the 19th Century at St. Lucy’s Church every October.
My Grandfather G. Antonio Basso in front of his 7th Av. Barbershop (1920), Newark, Italy and me review in PRIMO; wedding photo of Augustino Basso;Mies van der Rohe complex(which demolished the Italian neighborhood in 1960);& Family home at 305 Summer Av from 1929-1972.

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