Salute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg encore in 2022.

.Sharing this remarkable portrait. It appeared on The NYTimes web site but without any attribution or location. Shame on The Times for this lapse.
Sometimes, my comments receive a boomerang effect in this case from Philadelphia. Over several hours I thought it important to respond in a respectful manner. It seems we lack that skill in our acrimonious age, inflamed by Djt. Sometimes, urgency seems to call for a response.
Then, I think it is more prudent if I reprise my published comments.
Justice Ginsburg was remarkable, and she is missed.Your comments have been approved!Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.
DPQuinn | New Jersey 9/27/21
In an age of Madness, discourse has long since left the room. Ruth was correct; the ACLU just faux.
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danielpquinnNewark, NJ, 9/20/20
This am, I tried to reach out to Sen McConnell to consider truth and decency. His Senate Email system may have malfunctioned or been overwhelmed. I do not know.
Colleagues questioned Sen McCarthy in the 1950’s that even now rings LOUDER than ever in my ears… SENATOR, DO YOU HAVE NO DECENCY ?
DW, Philly @danielpquinn
He didn’t even wait 24 hours. He’s an obscene man.
danielpquinn, Newark, NJ @DW
We all must take the high road of decency or we will all go down in flames.View your comment
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