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"Newark, Italy and me (2019)"; "American Phantasmagoria" (2020; "Short Plays to Long Remember" (TNT 2011). "organized labor" (Author House); "Exits + Entrances Off-Broadway, Opera and beyond (Author House 2008)"; Op Ed in The Herald News; Italian Tribune; Performing Arts Journal; The New York Times published 320 Blogs-20/21; Theatre Journal; Local Knowledge; Audiophile Voice, Red Wheelbarrow Press; The Newark Library; Sensations and Italian Voice. Presenter at Morris Museum; Landmark Tavern, NYC: Oradell and Fair Lawn Libraries; Newark, Italy and me (Lulu) at Watchung Books, Montclair, Adjudicator at SUNY/Brockport; Rutgers University; Passaic County College, Madison Arts Center (2021); MA, The American University, DC; Ramapo College of NJ with dual major from Contemporary Arts and Intercultural Studies.

Uruguay; Texas; Chicago; New Orleans;Newark: Artists unsung for 2021.

Daniel P Quinn,

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc Read Story Donate NowKevin Kramer, photo.GREAT ARTISTS IN MY LIFE: Both from PBS documentaries and in person. All noteworthy like Antonio Masini as well in Century 21.

Gertrude AbercrombieAmerican Painter (1909-77)
Gertrude Abercrombie was an American painter based in Chicago. Called “the queen of the bohemian artists”, Abercrombie was involved in the Chicago jazz scene and was friends with musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Sarah Vaughan, whose music inspired her own creative work. Abercrombie’s motifs included owls, moonlit landscapes, and cats, as seen in her work The Courtship (1949), which she painted in a controlled palette of colors. “I am not interested in complicated things nor in the commonplace, I like to paint simple things that are a little strange.”

THE SCULPTURES OF GONZALO FONSECA – › 2017 › 12 › 17.The Noguchi Museum presents a retrospective exhibition of the sculptural work of GonzaloFonseca(1922–97)…

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Sophocles in Century 21

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We are delighted to announce that our short film: The Death of Hercules starring Ellen Lanese was chosen as a Finalist by Beyond the Curve International Film Festival in Paris, France. Design by Jennifer Long. Directed by Daniel P Quinn. Ms. Lanese appears as virtuoso solo performer in Sophocles’ tragedy “The Woman of Trachis.”
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Approaching 9/11/21 our veterans and us(a).

Approaching 9/11/21 our veterans and us(a).
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DPQuinn | New Jersey 9/7/21
When my Mother died about 10pm, on 9/10/11, I was awake most of the night before 9/11/01. Just beginning Funeral plans when the Funeral Director said to turn on the TV. We watched the Towers as each was hit and fell. I remember the sound of people jumping live and their crash on the news broadcasts and people being told to stay in place. How stupid. Within a few hours all the Funeral plans collapsed. The cemetery in Queens was inaccessible and closed. We had trauma here as well. Many Vets suffered catastrophic injuries. Every war the same and not less. Who won ? Who lost ? All these memories linger and come to life every 9/11.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 9/4/20
My Father fought in India, Burma and China during World War II. He was a Sargent and spent 4 years fighting. He was never a “sucker” or “loser” but trump certainly is.

danielpquinn, Newark, NJ, 8/31/20
The rhetorical flames are ever rising, but downtown Newark, Montclair, Rahway, are all virtual ghost towns in NJ. Newark was coming back with an expanded Rutgers Newark campus, new corporate headquarters for Prudential. BUT there are few if any pedestrians. Whole Foods took away every chair and table where people used to gather for lunch.
Amazon like WF now shops for the Prime customers leaving the rest of us in between a rock and no place to sit. Djt has constant hissy fits, but hundred of small businesses are gone.
PEOPLE are suffering and 183,000 have actually died. He doesn’t want to see reality, yet his hissy fits may win. America is dying too.

Daniel P Quinn, NEW JERSEY, /

Daniel P Quinn,

The Grief Deck publishes FURIES 4 Covid-19
Picking up the pieces online or Independent book store for 21-22 as The Grief Deck published FURIES 4 Covid-19 by Daniel P Quinn.
ArtsPR is still struggling to update our plans for 2021/22 amidst the chaotic web; world in which we live with overwrought temperatures, floods, fires, droughts and Covid-19.”— — PICKING UP THE PIECES FROM 2020 while linking the past from The Grief Deck to create a better future for all of us.
Near the end of 2019 we had plans for a diverse 2020 season. Of these, we did achieve a January 30th program on Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) at as a special event at Watchung Books in Montclair. To honor the grim plight of Syria we also did an outreach program to introduce members of our ArtsPR community to Fattal’s Syrian store in Paterson. We have…

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Exciting news

TRACHIS Picture .jpgOfficial Selection.pngThe Death of Hercules is from Sophocles’ THE WOMAN OF TRACHIS. Originally staged Off-Broadway with Ellen Lanese as solo performer, and designed by Jennifer Long under my direction. We also toured TRACHIS to Foundation Theatre in Burlington County, Theatre Row in Manhattan, after we premiered it at Newfoundland Theatre off 5th Av on 18 St.Nominee-AustinInternationalArtFestival-August2021.pngSACCO & VANZETTI: Burn !!! was a Nominee for Austin, Texas Festival in August of 2021.SACCO images from my production 1983-1994..JPG
SACCO Paris award citation-12-20.png
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Columbus; Statue of Liberty; Southern Italy and American assimilation from 1900–27 and Afghans in 2021.

daniel p quinn

Afghanistan, Yeats, Maureen Dowd and us in 2021 Your comment has been approved!
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DPQuinn | New Jersey
In general we think we know “everything” but actually we know very little. Yeats was a sage and his heart rending play PURGATORY is not really known here either. If we read the Greeks: Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus as well.
We don’t believe in “Covid-19” because people can’t see it. Our culture is submerged in making use of our war machine as we spend trillions on defense. I did not know that there were 14 ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Sometimes we understand life and death to meet the casket of the fallen but think we are invincible.
The Father kills his son in Yeats’ PURGATORY to stop the deadly cycle of “drink” in Ireland. That besieged Afghan infant in swadling clothes brought to mind Jesus. God help us in this bloodbath of ignorance, defeat and death.View your comment
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Immigrants saluted Columbus based in part on the popular Columbus World’s Fair exhibitions; American Cities named COLUMBUS which marked their identity as Americans in a foreign land. The Statue of Liberty greeted these refugees in New York Harbor and at Ellis Island from their impoverished life in Southern Italy. Caruso and Verdi’s music still shine as legends in Italian culture and every opera house in the world.
The Newark Sunday Call published a striking photo of my Caruso Family in 1925. The Irish journalist referred to them as a “clan” which is an endearing Irish expression foreign to “gli Italiani” (the Italians).

As an American-Italian with a Grandfather from Italy, and now a bridge between Iatly and Irish cultures. When asked if I was“Irish” at LaScala, and later when directing Tom Murphy’s Irish play The Gigli Concert in Italian in Rome.
As an Irish-Italian I am a bridge between both cultures especially when asked if I was “Irish” at LaScala. Later in my European debut when I directed Tom Murphy’s Irish play The Gigli Concert in Italian in Rome.

As a child I remembered a few Italian expressions but nothing else.
Frustrated, after my Master’s Degree at The American University in Washington, DC, I started taking Italian language classes in Bloomfield and Belleville Adult Schools before my season at LaScala and began the rediscovery of my complicated Irish-Italian roots here and in Italy ever since.daniel p quinn

Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu); “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; TheHerald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.DANIEL P QUINN FOLLOWS

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Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu); “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; TheHerald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.Mar 26

From Wisconsin to you.

by Megan Mueller, The Irish Post, Madison Wisconsin.

Daniel P Quinn loves his life as a poet as well as his various roles in theater, despite the struggles they entail. He points out that “it’s a bumpy life. It’s very hard. It takes tremendous effort and determination to raise the grant money and to get things done well, it’s a miracle. It’s hard to accomplish but it’s amazing to look back and see that it’s happened in front of your own eyes.”

As a child, Quinn avidly read the newspaper. It kept him connected to the…Read more · 4 min read

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Mar 23

Meryl Streep/HAPPY END: Brooklyn to Broadway and me.

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Mar 22

Honoring Tunisia on the 10th Anniversary of their Arab Spring in 2021. Remembering our invitation for Tunisia Independence Day at Home of the Ambassador in Washington, DC. Tunisia also won a Nobel peace prize.

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Reprising this accolade from Beyond the Curve Film Festival in Paris

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Here is a delightful accolade from Beyond the Curve Film Festival in Paris.
This is a great celebration for The New Year and to start 2021.
Saluti a tutti.

With best wishes,Daniel P Quinn,Producing Director, ArtsPR.973-482-0747
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