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Louis Bamberger, my Mother and me 1921-2021.

Bamberger’s was a division of Macy’s.

My archive of Bamberger’s World War II era photo’s from my Family. My Mother was a Hosiery buyer there for 17 years. My Aunt Jo Basso began in the Cashiers office and became Head of Payroll and worked there for 54 years. My other Aunt’s also worked there briefly during the Depression in the Bakery and the selling floor.

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Group photo at Washington and Halsey St., corner outside the loading docks with Newark Red Cross volunteers in the 1940’s.

My Mother performing as soloist at a Mother’s Day program. WOR-Radio originally broadcast from Newark at Bam’s.

Streetcars in Downtown + 1970 in Newark, NJ.

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Christmas at Bam’s on Market St. circa 1970.

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Blogger in The New York Times (2020/21), AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu 2019); “organized labor “ 2005 (Author House) Herald News; Performing Arts Journal.Jan 2

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Daniel P Quinn has been working 40 years in the Arts. It is a continual search for funding. Our ArtsPR special community programs went cyber in 2020. Now we are planning for 2021/22 new work that was postponed by Covid-19.

Programs would include Madison Arts Center; Teddy Roosevelt Museum; Lincoln and us; Book signings or backstage stories from Milan to Dublin, Rome, LaScala; Meryl Streep; to Off-Broadway in 2021/22. — Daniel P Quinn

Daniel P Quinn’s writing has appeared in “Short Plays to Long Remember”; The Italian Tribune; The Herald News; Audiophile Voice; Sensations; Theatre Journal; Italian Voice; Performing Arts Journal; and Local Knowledge. Covid-19 gave him a chance to write and publish over 250 letters and blogs via The New York Times.

“Daniel P. Quinn takes readers on a guided tour of his prolific career as an actor, director and producer through “a series of journalistic snapshots in a scrapbook of theatrical adventures.” The Montclair Times.

Special programs could include book signings with backstage stories from Milan to Dublin, Rome and NYC. Books include : Newark, Italy + Me in 2019 (Lulu Books); “organized labor” (Author House); and his plays in Short Plays to Long Remember or American Phantasmagoria.

Lively articles, letters and other documents MERGE into a personal narrative, Exits and Entrances constructs a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and successes Quinn experienced as he managed to create 25 years of working off-Broadway and beyond from 1981-2021.

Quinn’s career has spanned the productions of such notable shows as the U.S. premieres Edward Bond’s plays Stone, Derek and other works by British playwright; Sacco & Vanzetti by Daniel Gabriel, Away Alone by Janet Noble, and Two and Twenty by Paul Parente, and revivals of The Women of Trachis by Sophocles, and works by Seneca, John Maguire (1877), the controversial Black Jesus Passion Play in 1997 and 1998, and composers such as Stephen Foster, Hanns Eisler, Louis Morreau Gottschalk, Kurt Weill and Hector Berlioz.

Quinn also received The Short Play Festival Award for his work as producer on Two and Twenty, The Irish Institute Award for Honesty Is the Best Policy and Diary of a Madman received a Best Actor OBIE as well.

He is also the author of “organized labor” which achieved notable coverage on The Morning Show with Bonnie Grice on WLIU-FM Radio. Other media with The Coast Star, The Bergen Record, Irish Post, and The Italian Voice.

“organized labor’ has been called “poignant and alive,” “wonderful,” and refreshing.”

Join us as a donor or patron for 2021/22 in Madison, Newark, Paterson or Manhattan.
ArtsPRunlimited Inc is a sponsored program with Fractured Atlas

ArtsPR strives for excellence: Special thanks to our Patrons and Friends for over 200 donations since 2015 for our Award winning programs.

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Daniel P Quinn in a Special program and talk for Madison Arts Center in 2021 that was postponed by Covid-19.

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Celebrate Forty years Off Broadway 1981-2021 while trying to raise money in quarantine for 2021/22SACCO&VANZETTI: BURN !!! was Finalist for Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, in Paris, FranceDaniel P Quinn’s short film on SACCO & VANZETTI is an official selection for Paris Film Festival.View All Stories From This Source

Bygones buy or not.

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The New York Times community.
danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 1/10/21
Thank you Mr. Kristof as you clarify our don in wonderland irreality. The people in the capital were filled with rage and indignation spouted by a fool propped up as a prezident. The people who died were a tragic loss. But enraged they were. But even more unsettling was the complicity of elected officials and police officers.
I still dread what might happen next; sorry.
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American PhantasmagoriaBy Daniel P Quinn,Designed by Kevin Kramer.Now on sale Lulu Books (2020).$45.00 (now 10% off).Includes 3 plays and an essay on World theatre, Covid-19 and us. .
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ArtsPR programs,blogs and cyber outreach for 2021.

daniel p quinn

daniel p quinnJan 5·3 min read

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Lincoln’s ongoing legacy in Newark and NJ from 1861–1961 in 2021.

Abraham Lincoln appeared in Newark on the way to his Inauguration in 1861. We found a trove of newspaper clippings and the amazing footnote that Lincoln’s Great-Grandfather had a Farm in South Jersey. There were 5 variants of the address Lincoln gave in Newark by various reporters. Lincoln’s visit was again memorialized again by a new batch of 1916. Those articles on the 50th anniversary of his visit also included an amazing story on the widow of the owner of Ford’s Theatre who relocated to NJ.

During the 1961 Centenial of Lincoln’s visit he received major feature coverage again in NJ. My program would display all these documents and a personal archive on Ford’s Theatre. When I lived in Washington, I saw shows and returned to Ford’s Theatre numerous times. My lifelong interest in Lincoln also includes a a collection of articles by Herbert Mitgang over decades at The New York Times.

We will also talk about Gustav Bourglan who appears in my book Newark, Italy and me (Lulu 2019). We could drive to see Bourghlan’s Lincoln and the site where he spoke after our program and discussion including the Ward Coffee Company that opened in the 1860’s in Newark. as well. Our program will also include a view of the Newark Memorial to James Kearny in Military Park. There was also a wildly unexpected article that the City of Newark was opposed to the Civil War for economic reasons.

We will also see the site where Dutch Schultz was gunned down in Newark, and enjoy the ambiance of the former St. Frances Hotel from 1912 as a National Landmark and now Tryp Newark.

  1. Lincoln’s Funeral Train also came through Newark in 1865 as a nod to the Citizens of Newark that greeted him (that Lincoln himself noted on Broad St in 1861).

Join us as a donor or patron in Oradell, Madison, Newark, Paterson or Manhattan.

ArtsPRunlimited Inc is a sponsored program with Fractured Atlas


ArtsPR strives for excellence:

The best compliment you can give me is forwarding this on to a friend.

ArtsPRunlimited,Inc | 351 Broad St, B1702, Newark, NJ 07104daniel p quinn

Blogger in The New York Times (2020/21), AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu 2019); “organized labor “ 2005 (Author House) Herald News; Performing Arts Journal.

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Blogger in The New York Times (2020/21), AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu 2019); “organized labor “ 2005 (Author House) Herald News; Performing Arts Journal.Jan 4

Eyes open and wide shut 2021

Close your eyes and you will see clearly. Cease to listen and you will hear Truth. Be silent and your heart will sing. Seek no contacts and you will find…Read more · 1 min read

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Jan 2

Bamberger’s was a division of Macy’s.

Read more · 2 min read

Jan 2

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Read more · 2 min read

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Jan 2

Puccini, Maria Jeritza and me.

3 worlds meet QUEEN V. in AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books ) 2021.

daniel p quinn

Thinking of the space
the haves
and the have nots.

the announcers
snicker through a newscast.

Editorializing the notion of
as if a joke


an in-joke
to be



laughed at.

The world

in the studio,
the world

from the studio
and my world.

Would 3 piece suits

be torn to shreds

in the third world ?

Three generations and mine

and our ascendancy.

As il papa traveled

through Brazil,

El Salvador or Nicaragua.

The 3rd world is transformed/transforming

our notion(s) of reality.

Would 3 piece suits

still be banned


is it time

for that

third martini ?

Would such voices of reason

still be dismissed…


our living rooms

were filled with reason

rather than


from the TV

tube ?

© 2011/21 by Daniel P. Quinn

Irish Institute Award, Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT Classics) 2010; Exits & Entrances, 25 years Off-Broadway (2007–8) and “organized labor”, (AuthorHouse) 2005.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel P Quinn,Producing Director, ArtsPR.973-482-0747

“Mediocrity has prevailed in the arts” Library Director said in (2021) .

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc

“When mediocrity has prevailed in the arts for 50 years, it is no wonder that the power brokers do not recognize genius when they see it.” 
Library Director in 2021.

Newark, Italy and me (Lulu 2019):
“Great stuff. You should be appointed by the mayor of Newark as the go to historian.
Of everything to work past present and future. Your work is fabulous,”

Since we joined Fractured Atlas, 60 friends and colleagues have made 205 charitable gifts for ArtsPR since 2015. Many give more than once. Others read my posts but have not yet made a donation. Both exemplify support, but in this Covid-19 pandemic I have had to rethink what I am doing internally. This includes rejected grant applications, my writing here and in The New York Times. My writing efforts have redoubled for WordPress and Medium as well as here.
We are trying to reach out to those who have not donated in thus far. We need you too in this profound metaphysical time via COVID-19. We need you to help us keep open as we plan for 2021 and 2022.Your comment has been approved!
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 2/5/21
Hello all.
Having managed to live on an income below $15,000 a year and paid $10,000 in yearly rent; can we talk ?
Have been on a de-facto Senior “Housing list” for 5 years and told last year that I was on the wrong list !View your comment

Winter Books Sale for Daniel P Quinn in 2021.

Exits and Entrances: Producing Off-Broadway, Opera & Beyond: 1981-2006

by Daniel P. Quinn

Softcover Now on sale for $15.00

Other Books By Author

organized labor, Daniel P. Quinn, $13.95

ISBN : 9781425926304

About the Book

Daniel P Quinn, Award Winning Director, Writer & Arts Consultant, * Books: Short Plays to Long Remember :TNT Books (2010); Exits & Entrances (2007) AH; organized labor ( 2005). at Author House, Bloomington, Indiana * BEFORE THE CRASH at Bickford Theatre/Morris Museum NJ * Exits & Entrances (AuthorHouse) – 25 Years Off-Broadway, LaScala, Opera and Beyond .

Mr. Quinn is also a professional Director and Producer in NYC.

About the Author

Daniel P. Quinn was born in Newark, NJ. His early career was dedicated to playwriting and script analysis for the Manhattan Theater Club, O’Neill Playwrights conference, Public Theatre, He debuted as an actor at LaMama, after starring in performance workshops with Charles Ludlam and the Ridiculous Theatre Company. Mr. Quinn was a guest of Claudio Abbado at LaScala in Milan, Italy as a directing assistant, the Dublin Theatre Festival, the City of Lyons, France, and Potenza, Italy. These experiences are chronicled in Exits and Entrances. Mr. Quinn completed graduate work at The American University, Washington, DC, Ramapo College of NJ in Literature and Fine Arts. He was a proud member of the St. Benedict’s Prep. Drama Guild under Frank Torok and Kevin Hanily in Newark, NJ. Quinn runs ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., with programs at Bickford Theatre; Morris Museum, F. Lawn, Oradell & Kearny Library. In 2020 he completed AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA which has republished his plays THE ROCKING CHAIR and FANGS TO RICHES edited by Francine L. Trevens (TnT Books). Her SHORT PLAYS TO LONG REMEMBER won Indie Book Awards: ANTHOLOGY Category (2010).