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Norway, WWII, Usa.

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My salute to Atlantic Crossing on PBS.
Just by happenstance I started watching Atlantic Crossing. It was a moving, dramatic series about Norway before and during WW II. An important insight into little known Nordic history with a stirring score and multi-lingual cast.
Kyle MacLachlan was FDR, and Sofia Helin as Norwegian Crown Princess Martha; Tobias Santelmann as Prince Olav; Søren Pilmark as Olav’s father, King Haakon VII and Harriet Sansom Harris as Eleanor Roosevelt.The epic, political drama was filmed in Czech Republic and Norway.“It had the highest budget in Scandinavia for any TV series. We put all the resources we had into it,” said producer Silje Hopland in Variety. 
Brilliantly done.

More Norwegian-Danish cultural history. I did not know that Ibsen wrote his plays in Danish which became Norwegian. PEER GYNT is his most performed play in Norway, which we know primarily by Edvard Grieg’s astounding music.
When I worked on my Edward Bond cycle our publishing contact was John van Knorring who was Norwegian as well.
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Internment of Italians in the USA during World War II.

Here are some facts in Century 21.

Trudeau has gotten this right in 2021 via The Washington Post.
Let us not forget La Storia Segretto (Secret History) of the Italians interned here in the United States during WWII. The Italians still sit by unknowing of their own history in Century 21. Why ?
Trudeau apologizes for the WWII internment of Italian CanadiansBy Amanda Coletta ●  Read more »
Some background:
“On February 24, 1994, the exhibit Una Storia Segreta: When Italian Americans Were ‘Enemy Aliens’ opened at the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco. The opening on February 24 memorialized the date in 1942 when enemy aliens of Italian descent living in recently-designated “prohibited zones” on the West Coast had to leave their homes and businesses in those zones and move elsewhere”.
How about reparations for the Italians and an apology here too by President Biden ?

Opening doors in DC.

Dear Friends,
PRIMO magazine contacted me to do some press coverage for my book: Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books) in Washington, DC. With support from our patrons I was able to purchase some ad space for this collaboration in 2021.
Last year, I was unable to do so, so your support gives me a degree of flexibility to do this in 2021.

As most of you know we are an artist driven organization. While we appreciate that you have been receiving and opening our 57,000 emails which I have made a special effort to design and write for all of you.
We have also begun talking about new short film on the elapsed precipice of Columbus in tandem with my book: Newark, Italy and me on Lulu Books (2019).
We have begun turning to film with our recent Award from Paris to document our work as best we can. We would need seed money to start the film project this year.

Sharing our good news when we can. Perhaps you might also know other colleagues who might be interested in our Award winning work for 21/22.
Yours sincerely,Daniel P Quinn,Producing Director, ArtsPR.973-482-0747
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The American Dream two.

Economics meet AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA on or Off-Stage or the Lulu Book in 2021–22 !

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 1/10/21

Thank you Mr. Kristof as you clarify our don in wonderland irreality. The people in the capital were filled with rage and indignation spouted by a fool propped up as a prezident. The people who died were a tragic loss. But enraged they were. But even more unsettling was the complicity of elected officials and police officers.

I still dread what might happen next; sorry.

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American Phantasmagoria

By Daniel P Quinn,

Designed by Kevin Kramer.

Now on sale Lulu Books (2020).

$45.00 (now 10% off).

Includes 3 plays and an essay on World theatre, Covid-19 and us. .

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Sharing this fabulous outreach program in Madison with an impromptu riff on History, the Arts and Century 21 last night outdoors unmasked.

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Kevin Kramer, photo.
Notes from 5/14/21.
Sharing this fabulous outreach program in Madison with an impromptu riff on History, the Arts and Century 21 last night outdoors unmasked.
Dimitri Reyes read with exuberance. The Montclair University Dancers were focused and brave as they performed on the pavement. Brava to Serena Brown and Kelly Guerrero. John Trause performed his riveting riff poem about my birth in Newark.
Since Newark became an unexpected subtext for the evening, I did an impromptu turn on my history, Modernism and Newark as well.
The City of Madison provided good stage lighting and a excellent sound system. All in all a really good night.

Last night in Madison, NJ with Arts for the people and us at ArtsPR.
Daniel P QuinnMay 15Took part in a fabulous outreach program in Madison with an impromptu riff on History, the Arts and Century 21 last night outdoors unmasked.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 2/10/21

Re-contextualizing COLUMBUS for 1921-2021.

Subject: Re-contextualizing COLUMBUS for 1921-2021.

ArtsPRunlimited, IncJustice and us in Century 21.

Honoring Harriet Tubman while not destroying COLUMBUS for Newark.
Understanding Columbus a century ago (1920-25), the Red Scare, SACCO & VANZETTI (1920-27)and now as he is removed from his perch in Newark, NJ (2020).
In 1925-27, the Giuseppe Verdi Society of Newark commissioned a Columbus statue for Washington Park on Broad St. Those statues demonstrated their commitment to Newark and America. Americans also embraced Tenor Enrico Caruso (1873-1921) who bridged opera nd popular music to become one of the best selling recording artists of all time. Italians repressed their language in America. My Mother was scolded by her Grandfather to never speak Italian outside their house. They all struggled to learn English. It was considered anathema to speak Italian in public.
Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) over a century with hind-sight and fore-sight from 1920-2021.
The Dawn of Nevarca (Newark’s Little Italy) from 1885 when they fled economic hardship and poverty of the impoverished Mezzogiorno region. Southern Italy (Il Sud) was the raison d’etre for Newark’s Little Italy.
Phonetically, Nevarca, was a Southern Italian contraction for their New Ark in America. Antonio Caruso (my great-Grandfather) arrived in the 1880’s and became a grocer in the 1st Ward on 8th Ave (now Central Ward). His wife’s maiden name was Tuosto. They all attended St Lucy’s Church and their 9 children worked in the grocery store to help the family earn a living.
The Italian immigrant Italians suffered deportations and discrimination. In part this came out of the 1912, 1913 and 1919 labor strikes in Paterson, and Lowell Massachusetts. Deportations began the FBI career of 24 year old J Edgar Hoover. The Red Scare was begun after the Russian Revolution in 1917-20. Labor activists like the Irish native Elizabeth Gurley Flynn spoke at the American Labor Museum Botto House during the 1913 Paterson strike. Russian émigré Emma Goldman was also active in the pursuit of workers rights and a living wage. She was later deported back to Russia.
A Shoe Factory Payroll robbery in 1920 in South Braintree Massachusetts for which Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti (Sacco & Vanzetti) were arrested. Terrified, they spoke little English. They became a media sensation of the radical left and the hard rock conservatives in Boston. They endured 2 infamous trials. They were convicted of “consciousness of guilt” and executed by electric chair in 1927.
While in Italy, the other elephant was Mussolini (1883-1945) who rose to power in 1922 . COLUMBUS was a manifestation of anti-fascism in Newark in that period. 11 immigrants were lynched in New Orleans. Yet, the Italians remained here as Italy devolved into Fascism.
They also also saluted Columbus at that time based in part to the popular Columbus World’s Fair exhibitions which marked their identity as Americans in a foreign land. The Statue of Liberty greeted these refugees in New York Harbor and at Ellis Island from their impoverished life in Southern Italy. Caruso and Verdi’s music still shine as legends in Italian culture and every opera house in the world.
The Newark Sunday Call published a striking photo of my Caruso Family in 1925. The Irish journalist referred to them as a “clan” which is an endearing Irish expression foreign to gli Italiani (the Italians). As an Irish-Italian and now a bridge between both cultures. When asked if I was “Irish” at LaScala, and later when directing Tom Murphy’s Irish play The Gigli Concert in Italian in Rome.
As an Irish-Italian I am a bridge between both cultures especially when asked if I was “Irish” at LaScala. Later I made my European debut when I directed Tom Murphy’s Irish play The Gigli Concert in Italian in Rome. As a child I remembered a few Italian expressions but nothing else.
Frustrated, after my Master’s Degree at The American University in Washington, DC, I started taking Italian language classes in Bloomfield and Belleville Adult Schools before my season at LaScala and began the rediscovery of my complicated Irish-Italian roots here and in Italy ever since.

ArtsPR history tours on demand for 2021/22.

The latest news for you and invitation for 5/8/21.
Daniel P Quinn

We will do Presidential History in Newark as noted in Newark, Italy and me from Lincoln to Hoover, and JFK, and a recent visit by Obama. This will all be part of my Newark Tour this Sat 5/8 at 11am. Suggested donation is $20- per person. Current donors are invited as my guest. Understanding Columbus (1920–27), the Red Scare, SACCO & VANZETTI and “Columbus” removed twice from sites in Newark, NJ. Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) over a century with hind-sight and foresight from 1920–2021.Remembering OLYMPIA DUKAKIS 1932-2021.Working 4, 10, 14 or 40 years in the Arts. Pro-bono conjoined by a continual search for funding, with more or less, year by year.
ArtsPR went cyber in 2020 with my 270 blogs in The New York Times. Our ongoing outreach on WordPress, Medium, Opera Daily and we just added Substack. Also a more strategic use of Constant Contact (2016-21).Let us count the ways planning for this year and next. New work including more pop-up events exclusively for our current donors. Restructuring what was postponed by Covid-19.Programs could include Madison Arts Center; Teddy Roosevelt Museum; Lincoln and us.Our community outreach is ongoing. Book signing programs with backstage stories from Milan; Ireland; France or The Kennedy Center to LaScala; Meryl Streep from BAM to Broadway; Lincoln Center to The Plant and — Daniel P Quinn
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