Cuinn banned by Victoria.

Cuinn banned
by Victoria

via (Alexander) Bell
and the Bronx

My Grandfather met
my Grandmother
at AT&T
the phone company
around 1905 or so.

as the industry
they were both supervisors
in 1913.

My Father lost his Father—
a bleeding ulcer
when He was 10 years old.

His only memory of my Grandfather
was that he supported
the Irish revolution—
he may have been wanted
by the British
to be shot..

After he died,
my Grandmother
was a widow at 39,
seemed to have lost touch
with his family.

My Father
Joseph L Quinn
years old.

I never understood
the “troubles” in Ireland.
In America,

I had Protestant
and Jewish friends.

My Father was traumatized
by the death of his Father—
never said much more.
or remembered anything about him
or Word War II
where is fought in India, Burma,and China
But remembered seeing the Taj Mahal.
That’s all.

I found a will
my Great Aunt
Mary Quinn Clary
She left $21,000
to Catholic charities
in New York and China
in 1941.

My Father
signed off on this.
Even though
his Mother
got nothing.

In 1989,
I was working in New York
and experienced the secret hate
of my Irish Protestant boss
for Catholics.

The worst day
was when
I was screamed at
because I had gotten
on Ash

He told me to leave
the building
At that time,
I was shaken
by the ferocity
of the anger.

we were doing
a very successful play

When the playwright
from the UK to NYC
to see the show

(we thought)
he came
to celebrate our success.

But no,
it became
another tribal game—
he was a Protestant—
criticized the cast
for being too Catholic.

Malachy McCourt
testified to this
In his Memoir
a few years ago.

I was beginning
to understand
the deranged gulf
between the two.

the Irish won,
sort of,
if we acquiesce

and all that.

The gun running
on the third floor,
while the drama
played out
on the stage

And then, maybe
a year
two ago,

I learned
my name
in Eirish

Queen Victoria
took care of that—
as she
the Irish language

to regale herself—
her majesty
her all
no men

over a century

was buried
at the behest of (Regina)
she was fed
and all.

While the Irish starved…
Gloria V.
At least,
I can lower
her case,
on my name
in history.

—Red Wheelbarrow Press (2016)


Newark was known for the quality of its water which attracted many German breweries and soda manufacturers to Newark. My Father worked as a salesman for Pabst Beer in Newark on Grove St for decades. Its landmark Pabst Tower was always seen from the Garden State Parkway. Earlier it had an incarnation as Hoffman’s Ginger Ale when I was in grammar school. My Father was able to buy wholesale bottles that were too full, not full enough, or if a label was missing as an employee.

He later transitioned from Hoffman to Pabst and I have archival artifacts from Pabst in my archives in Newark. 

The Exterminating Angel by Thomas Ades astounds in 2020.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc

THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL by Thomas Ades premiered at The Met in 2017. Seen recently in an encore viewing in 2020 it moves to the forefront of Art and Opera for our Covid-19 time.
Aides opera has astounding repercussions for COVID-19. Society falls apart as high dressed society seemingly at The Met for a Gala confront the Exterminating Angel. Ades conducted his haunting score at this Met Broadcast Premiere in 2017.

” The Exterminating Angel is a nightmare whose time seems to have come again. In a time of political uncertainty unparalleled in recent memory, our shared sense of “what next?” panic and inertia finds its echo in these people who can barely rouse themselves to leave a room, or take any decisive action beyond attempting to survive. It certainly should, and both productions will be essential viewing – but audiences should probably hold off on ordering their taxis until they’ve managed to leave the theatre”. Reviewed in The Guardian (2017).

EXTERMINATING ANGEL is sung in high pitched English. The complex but ultimately moving score features English subtitles that fill in the blanks when enunciation falls victim to distress.
When seen on All Arts channel via my DVD antenna in my window. That was a gift from a friend. They knew I could not afford cable TV then or now but THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL may change your life in 2020.
Daniel P Quinn, 10/20 Read Story Donate Now
recommend that The Met Opera should re-broadcast EXTERMINATING ANGEL to fully appreciate Ades masterpiece for Covid-19 in 2020.

Honoring Leontyne Price while she is still with us.

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
Counter-intuitive thou art djt ? WHY ? Can they grace never learn anything ? Are you serious ? Are you president ? Just because Thy grace says the moon is cheese, it is surely knot. But I am recalcitrant in protective gear as I serve thee dinner at The White House. It is sullied. Weird. It is turning, green, it seems with envy Thy grace. Watch out, the mold is increasing, and the virus like Thee may suffer a rout.
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Honoring Leontyne Price while she is still with us.
Encoring the Passing of Arthur Mitchell. Arthur Mitchell was a guiding light at NY City Ballet even as he left to found Dance Theatre of Harlem. Mitchell had financial woes with his Company but he was always a gentleman and inspired figure. His Creole GISELLE was a masterpiece when I saw it at the Kennedy Center and needs to be revived in Century 21.

A Glimpse of Iceland in Winter.

Early in my career I had an unforgettable glimpse of Winter solstice light in Iceland when my Icelandic Air plane landed there 30 years ago.

It wasn’t dawn, but it wasn’t dark either. It was a late December twilight in a very mystical profound way. Eerie, unsettling and beautiful.

Since this was a brief stopover at the airport, I vowed to return one day.

That hasn’t happened. But the Icelandic light there never left me.

Daniel P Quinn, Producing Director, ArtsPR in 2020.

Celebrate Words, Labor and Buy a book by Daniel P Quinn. Ask your Independent Bookstore or via Author House or Lulu Books today. — Daniel P Quinn, and celebrating Biricchino in NYC.

Exits and Entrances from 1981-2020. We are inviting you to Celebrate Labor and Buy a book or two by Daniel P Quinn who also founded ArtsPRunlimited, Inc…   From Sophocles,Seneca, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Edward Bond, Hanns Eisler, Tom Murphy, Daniel Gabriel, Janet Noble, Kurt Weill, Betolt Brecht, Dianalee Velie,Thomas Kilroy, Margaretta D’Arcy, John Arden, Hector Berlioz, William […]

Celebrate Words, Labor and Buy a book by Daniel P Quinn. Ask your Independent Bookstore or via Author House or Lulu Books today. — Daniel P Quinn,

Think Books for Christmas 2020.

NEWS PROVIDED BY ArtsPRunlimited, Inc — NewarkItaly + Me (2019) by Daniel P Quinn (LULU 2019) .

Preview, Price: $24.95
Newark has many histories including G. Antonio Basso who emigrated from Italy to Newark, NJ in 1900. Antonio Basso was my Grandfather who came to America at age 14. Newark has many artistic roots including Armenia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France which are featured in Newark, Italy + Me. Immigration is a ongoing event. The past is indeed prologue to our present and future.

Daniel P Quinn has presented programs at Oradell and Fair Lawn Libraries; Fattal’s Syrian Bakery, Paterson; Watchung Booksellers, Montclair; Kilkenny Alehouse, Newark, CUNY/John Jay College; SUNY/Brockport; Bridgeton, NJ; and Rahway Artist Crawl. He is also available for book signings and talks on Italian culture and Opera from LaScala to the Piccolo Teatro, Broadway, Off-Broadway and The Met. He was also a guest of Aer Lingus at the Dublin theatre Festival, The City of Lyon via French Cultural services for his Paterson Arts Festivals, Lambert Castle, Paterson Library and Museum.

Welcome to my Newark. Nevarca and the new old Irish sod in New Jersey.

Daniel P Quinn also wrote:”Exits + Entrances, 25 years off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond”; Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT) and “organized labor”

Invocation from Pope Francis: “The artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation.”

These 4 books are for sale at; Barnes +Noble. Author House or your independent book store in person or on the web.

Special Projects from ArtsPRunlimited, Inc.

The best compliment you can give me is forwarding this on to a friend.

Daniel P Quinn
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc

“organized labor” in 2020 for Christmas gifts.

organized labor (Author House) is an ambitious first collection by Daniel P. Quinn, which covers four generations of American and family history, from the birth of his grandmother in NYC in 1887 to the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001.

Like much of the poetry in this 46-page volume, the book’s title has multiple allusions: from poems that deal with the organized labor movement in America (most notably, the 1913 strike of 20,000 Paterson silk workers at Botto House in Haledon, NJ), to the labor of organizing–and reconciling–past and present (captured eloquently in the title poem, organized labor), to even the labor of preparing one’s poetry for publication.

Part I contains 17 poems of personal reflection from 1977 to 1998, including poems about Edgar Allan Poe and his Bronx cottage (Poetry in Transformation); soul-draining office work (x-mas greetings on oppression!); opera (Omaggio); and art and politics in the Reagan years (re: public rhetoric), including these lines: Remember: magic tricks & cowboys,/the Wild West, riding off into the sunset/while joking about RR. You can hear the silence of Art./And look at the price tags for VanGogh,/Now, that he’s art & dead.

The composers, painters, authors, and historic figures who influenced the author’s life are paid homage in Part I. In the first 25 pages, August Strindberg and F. Scott Fitzgerald are quoted, and Poe, Mozart, VanGogh, T.S. Eliot, Berlioz, Paganini, Gurnemanz, Parsifal, Medea, Maria (Callas), and Verdi are cited in various poems. Fill in the b ank and Fragments capture a solitary voice against the ocean–often the feeling of those who make a career out of creating art, in contrast to those who make a career out of making money: Moving against/the waves.//As your legs are pulled and pushed,/You feel/the process/of the struggle/between/nature and man.

Part II, containing six poems, opens with a narrative poem on the 1913 Paterson workers’ strike. Later, in New York Trilogy, Daniel reflects on a photograph (reproduced in the book) of his great-grandfather as a manager of the Landmark Tavern, circa 1900. NY Trilogy III evoked the spirit of Stephane Mallarme in its use of text placement as a visual element, creating a moving poem on the loss of the Twin Towers while elevating the work to that of a visual art piece. The concluding poem, Epilogue, offers this great stanza: Co-mingling/the image/of Mel and Bell/ville, capturing, in few syllables, that tenuous balance of artistic interest and everyday living.

Book production is nicely done, from the cover design and drawing of hands by Thomas Micchelli to the feel of the paper within. All in all, organized labor is a labor of love to family, art, and history: an admirable first book. Sensations Magazine.

organized labor: collected poems (ISBN: 9781418403577)
Quinn, Daniel P.
ISBN 10: 1418403571
ISBN 13: 9781418403577
Bookseller: AuthorHouse
(Bloomington, IN, U.S.A.)
$15.75 List Price
800-839-8640 Book Orders.

ArtsPRunlimited suggests a Newark Napoli Festival for 2021/22 Premiere.

Daniel P Quinn has worked at LaScala for Claudio Abbado, directed at the Teatro Trianon in Rome, premiered Edward Bond’s play “Derek” in Newark, Co-ordinated Irish Music Festival’s at Snug Harbor,The Great George Festival in Paterson, NJ and conceives The Newark or NJ/Italy Naples Festival for 2021.

Past News Releases



ArtsPRunlimited begins planning The Newark Naples Project, Then and Now. Corporate Sponsors, Foundations and patrons are needed, This Italy Cultural Exchange Project. Newark could art by Antonio Masini (1933-2018), Potenza, Italy, Photographs from Newark to Naples, Theatre Productions by Ciro Giorgio, Music by Sylvano Bussotti, and archeological research by Nicola Masini on a rotating basis.

Importers, Corporations, Friends of Italy, Individuals, and Foundation are all Invited to lend in-kind, financial or sponsorship support for Newark, NJ, Naples, Italy cultural exchange project.

Project is still in the planning stages of development over 3 years and the themes are Prelude, Overture, and Finale for NJPAC, Paramount Theatre and Madison Arts Center for example.

The theme is Newark/Naples, but we would certainly embrace Southern Italy, and Northern NJ for cultural outreach beyond just Newark and Naples to broaden the audience and awareness of this project. The cultural riches of both Cities and their regional impact. from the Opera at SanCarlo to the NJ Symphony, from Savion Glover to Neapolitan Dance, from Architectural Renovation and Preservation, to food. The NY Food Museum will act as a consultant to the Project. Exploratory trips to Italy have also initiated contacts with specific artists from Naples, Potenza, Rieti, Salerno, Posta, and Castellucio Valmaggiore to take part. Mr. Quinn’s grandfather Giuseppe Antonio Basso emigrated from Foggia to Newark.

Work will also include Antonio Masini exhibit focused on a collection of original lithographs, and paintings by Masini. His work has been seen in Gdansk, Berlin, Bucharest, Sao Paolo, Iquique, Milan, Perugia, & Naples among other cities in Canada and Australia as well. Masini’ s work was previously shown by Biricchino’s in NYC (now through Nov 21, 2009) Trapezio Cafe Gallery, Nutley and the Morris Museum. More information on Mr. Quinn;s work in Italy is detailed in EXITS & ENTRANCES (2008) AuthorHouse and “organized Labor (2004). Mr Quinn’s award winning work includes The Short Play Festival, The Irish Institute, Catholic Charities, Co-Producer of OBIE award winning DIARY OF A MADMAN Off-Broadway.

In Paterson, the Festival focused on Lyons, France, Basilicata, Italy, William Carlos Williams’ PATERSON, and Gaetano Federici. He aaaalso appeared on NPR Radio and YouTube w/SACCO VANZETII  (1920-2020) Centennial

Daniel P Quinn;s books Exits & Entrances (2008) AuthorHouse or Organized Labor (2004) can be ordered @ (800) 839-8640 for Book Orders or press copies. Daniel P. Quinn, Producer/Writer Founder ArtsPRunlimited . Contact Daniel ( Basso) Quinn  Contact:

Other Releases by this Member
ArtsPRunlimited announces Daniel P. Quinn, Author of ‘organized labor’ (AuthorHouse), is Available for Interviews on issues of work and labor in 202021

Award Winning Director Daniel P Quinn Receives Glowing Press Coverage for Exits & Entrances; 25 Years Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond (AuthorHouse)

ArtsPRunlimited Announces Benefit at Biricchino’s Restaurant  2020/21.

Daniel P Quinn’s “Exits & Entrances,” AuthorHouse- (2008) earns kudos in The Irish Post. Wisconsin,  The Montclair Times, The Star Ledger. and The Coast Star and Italian Voice. 

All Programs Subject to Change.


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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
Go Jaime go but the obscene amount of money does alarm me.
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Paul Krugman and me

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ
Actually, the Stock Market is for suckers too. Before GM and Lucent stock crashed, I had a mini-holding of both. When GM went bankrupt, my stock became invalid, and I received zero for my Equity shares. When Lucent collapsed, I was finally sent 1.1 shares in Nokia.

Since there is no interest for putting money like mine in a savings account, I invested in Tax=exempt Bond funds and International stock……hoping for the best. But Paul Krugman warns us about Wall St. All my other walls are long gone !!!
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