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  1. Collection: Daniel P. Quinn New Jersey Theater Collection …
  2. Daniel P. Quinn is a theater producer/director and playwright who lives in in Newark. He has been working in professional theater across northern New Jersey since the 1970s. This small collection includes material related to his career.

Texas did a re-enactment of the Hiroshima bombing that appears in FANGS TO RICHES which opens AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu) in 2021.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., and Daniel P Quinn for Century 21.
Explaining the new world economy or American Phantasmagoria takes center stage as a double header on the anniversary of Hiroshima bombing. Texas did a re-enactment of the Hiroshima bombing that appears in FANGS TO RICHES as the first play in AP (Lulu books 2020).Daniel P Quinn Aug 13Explaining the new world economy or American Phantasmagoria takes center stage as a double header on the anniversary of Hiroshima bombing.
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DPQuinn | New Jersey 8/12/21Cryptonite as in Superman with a “k”. A deadly anonymous force that will destroy us. CRY for me as our ecology melts down. The size of Indonesia… Dark money !!! Who has the KEYS to this weapon ? The anonymous PARTY that swarmed into his last film. Does China control this ? The world mafia ? Speculative cash ?Bogus real estate deals ?
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Shop Now American PhantasmagoriaBy Daniel P Quinn, Designed by Kevin Kramer (Lulu Books 2020).
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with The New York Times community.danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 1/19/21I completed my Trilogy AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books) in 2020. It ends in chaos with a cameo appearance by djt.
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organized labor: collected poems (Paperback) By Daniel P. Quinn$13.95 (Author House)ArtsPRunlimited,Inc | 351 Broad St, B1702, Newark, NJ 07104
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Maurice Ravel’s LA VALSE as The Dance of Death in Covid-19.

Daniel P Quinn

danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Maurice Ravel’s LA VALSE is a great example as a Dance of death in Balanchine’s ballet LA VALSE. The assembled crowd is there to party unknowing that their unexpected guest is death himself as noble danseur and protagonist. The frenzy of the music is contagious just like so many recent displays of people amassed at parties without wearing masks.

Unprotected, death always wins.

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Celebrating Women’s History in the Arts for 2021.

Celebrating Women’s History Month with ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. for 2021 on and off-Stage, in the Arts and Dance as well. Marilyn Horne to Janet Noble; Maria Callas to Aideen O’Donnell; Ellen Lanese to Linda Telesco; Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Leontyne Price; Joan DeNiscia to Isabella Pizzano; Francine Trevens to Manuela Filiaci.


Eleanor, Dolly Madison, and Mary Lincoln have my vote.
We salute and thank them all.

Burn, baby Burn ?

 New Jersey 7/15/21
In 1989 my Father died of a heart attack in a brutally hot summer. The weather and heat have gotten worse since then. When I saw lemons growing on a porch in Nutley NJ it was stunning. Part of me says we have less air pollution than we used to. Has the ozone layer still retreated ?
I remember when fans in you hand residence or dept. store were normal.
Not sub-freezing temperatures on mass transit or in every store.
We are off-kilter in too may ways.
In grammar school I won honorable mention for a Science Fair solar oven in 1966.
Watching the west coast burn as we experience micro-climate flooding on the East coast. WHERE ARE WE GOING ? Up, down or sideways ?
Venice banned cruise ships.
There are glimmers of hope with torrential embers on fire.
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc Media & CommunityPress Releases (2017-21)
Caring about ArtsPR, The CARES Act & begging for bucks in 2020 
ArtsPR & The CARES Act for Antonio Masini; Sophocles;
SACCO&VANZETTI (1920-2020) and Lincoln Kearny exhibit in 2022.
Honoring LOVE via Leo Buscaglia and Music via Stephen Sondheim at 90 in 2020. 

Daniel P Quinn, NEW JERSEY, /

The Grief Deck publishes FURIES 4 Covid-19
Picking up the pieces online or Independent book store for 21-22 as The Grief Deck published FURIES 4 Covid-19 by Daniel P Quinn.
ArtsPR is still struggling to update our plans for 2021/22 amidst the chaotic web; world in which we live with overwrought temperatures, floods, fires, droughts and Covid-19.”— — PICKING UP THE PIECES FROM 2020 while linking the past from The Grief Deck to create a better future for all of us.
Near the end of 2019 we had plans for a diverse 2020 season. Of these, we did achieve a January 30th program on Newark, Italy and me (Lulu Books 2019) at as a special event at Watchung Books in Montclair. To honor the grim plight of Syria we also did an outreach program to introduce members of our ArtsPR community to Fattal’s Syrian store in Paterson. We have been in a deep frieze Blue mood ever since captured skillfully by Kevin Kramer.
The southside of Paterson has grown into a thriving Arab community over the last few decades and transformed that part of Paterson and nearly Clifton. This was a gesture against the wild anti-immigrant rhetoric from djt at The White House. This history is also featured in my book: Newark, Italy and me that includes a long poem on Paterson. The Oradell Library noted “our rare and intriguing program (with many compliments) with Christine Conforti and Patricia Flynn when we presented Williams PATERSON for them in a dramatic reading in 2018.
For 2021/22 we are planning, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace in Manhattan and the Noguchi Museum in Queens among other projects. Teddy appeared at the 1911 unveiling of the LINCOLN monument in Newark by Gustav Bourglan (and 3 more sculptures)before Mount Rushmore. We hope you can join us as a supporter in 2021 via Fractured Atlas for our work with ArtsPR since 2014. Our web contact address is:
We finally completed American Phantasmagoria which was published by Lulu Books in 2020. One play: FANGS TO RICHES was a Finalist in the recent Rave Theatre Festival Off-Broadway. Eric Hafen; Ellen Lanese, Anthony Spaldo and Donald Zirilli also appeared at the William Carlos Williams Center for a notable staged reading of AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books).
Noted writer and director Daniel P Quinn received a Scholarship + Certification from Nonprofit Executive & Emerging Leader Institute in Ethics at Rutgers University in 2015. His 4 books range from playwrighting to history and Off-Broadway from Manhattan to Lascala in Milan. He also offers special events and guest lectures or programs. Recent ones included the Paterson Museum; Fair Lawn Library, Morris Museum; Lambert Castle, Oradell Libraries from Bridgeton, NJ, to Off-Broadway.
ArtsPR is still struggling to update our plans for 2021/22 amidst the chaotic web and the world in which we live with overwrought temperatures, floods, fires or droughts. The past is indeed a prologue to our present and future.
“organized labor” includes FURIES 4 covid-19 which used the first line of the poem as a temporary title instead. When COVID-19 struck, FURIES 4 Covid-19 e hit me like a lightning bolt. In 2020 it was than published in the Red Wheelbarrow Anthonolgy as well as The Grief Deck by Daniel P. Quinn
Awards: The Irish Institute, Short Play Festival, OBIE Award Off-Broadway; Making History! National Park Service in Paterson; Catholic Charities; New York Times Foundation, & Scholarship from Rutgers University for Certification in Ethics 2015.
Learn More: P QuinnArtsPRunlimited, Inc+1 973-482-0747email us here
You just read:The Grief Deck publishes FURIES 4 Covid

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc. has worked within the web Community in 2020-21. We also honor our small Business partners by cross-marketing their support.

daniel p quinn

Much of what we do is pro-bono. Therefore, we always welcome support for our Award winning work. So we have some funds to work with especially in this Covid-19 period.

Release ID: 14566131



Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu); “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; TheHerald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.

Secrets of The Newark Museum and my history of Newark for 2021.

Newark is coming back to downtown life thanks to the Museum and their newly renovated and expanded Bamberger Entrance on Washington St, Prudential and their renovations of blocks near their sparkling new Headquarters building. The Hahne’s renovation is world class. Pedestrian and shopping traffic have picked up and Newark is ready for the Spring. Rutgers is also buying buildings and restoring them for the 21st century.

We will explore the work of Arshille Gorky, the Beer business in Newark including Pabst and the Ballentine House, a visit to…Read more · 1 min read

Daniel P Quinn received a scholarship for his 2015 Certificate from Rutgers University Institute for Ethical Leadership. Irish Institute Award, Short Play Festival Award, OBIE Award. The New York Times Company Foundation, Grand Marnier Foundation, The Bergen Foundation, NYSCA, Bickford Theatre, CUNY/John Jay College Panelist;. Featured in Arts Beat; The New York Times web blog, Bergen Record, Coast Star, Montclair Times. Our work has also been featured in The Herald News, Daily Record, Irish Echo, and Irish Voice.

Earlier I appeared on The Today Show, Variety, ABC, NBC, S. America and Polish TV for the Passion Play controversy as co-director in Union City for the Park Theatre.

We offer New Projects by Small Business Friends and Sponsors via our media account on EINMedia outreach in 2021/22 .

Beethoven, Sondheim, us for Century 21.

50 years ago The Met premiered their new production of FIDELIO to Celebrate Beethoven’s 200th Birthday in 1970.

Maybe one day we’ll see his other editions as LEONORE.

Happy Birthday Maestro nonetheless 50 years later.

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The New York Times, 6/28/20

Lobbying for a Intercultural viewpoint rarely seen in The New York Times.

danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Forgive me, but I am worn out by this never ending view of the travails of the elite in the UK.

How about the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, the Commedie Francaise in Paris, the Berliner Ensemble ?

Must The Times always , only espouse British culture again and again ? How about Arena Stage, the Guthrie, the Kennedy Center ?

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Celebrating Stephen Sondheim at 90

The New York Times, danielpquinn684

About 30 years ago I wrote Mr. Sondheim a letter obtrusely asking for his support early in my career. While at first he deferred, we began a correspondence and he became a donor and friend. In dark days and brighter years he urged me on and I am grateful. We wrote about other composers from Kurt Weill to Sylvano Bussotti.

A few years ago, I found myself at a bus stop across the street from Mr. Sondheim’s house. I knew his address from our correspondence but did not ring his bell. I knew him and he me over more than decades and query and response.

Thank you again Steve.

And Buon compleanno alla 90.

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Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu); “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; TheHerald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.DANIEL P QUINN FOLLOWS

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Blogs in The New York Times; AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu); “organized labor“(Author House); Red Wheelbarrow; TheHerald News; PAJ; Theatre Journal; Word Press.Mar 11

Still working pro-bono from my studio home/office for 400 days downtown Newark.

Having restructured ArtsPR, I composed or wrote 1,200 Constant Contact pages that were sent to 228,420 outreach contacts. Of those 58,349 were opened and 1,338 were clicked more than once for an average of 26% in the last 12 months. This is triple the normal range by CC by their standards.

The New York Times published 260 of my letter blogs having been both a NYTimesPick, and a Readers Choice on numerous days. Some generated additional feedback in the USA and Internationally, pro and con.

Soccer, Italy, Pinter’s Birthday Party and me.

Sharing the highs and lows of my B-day today. After a mini-breakfast, I decided to take a foray out of my humidified studio and go out for lunch at Luigi’s. But first I would make a trip downtown for a few fresh items at Whole Foods. 

These days if it’s TOO hot I tend to stay in my building for those days.  Today i was just humid so I got the second bus back from downtown to Luigi’s. The food there is always excellent but today there were unexpected bus detours.  I saw a huge crowd on Bloomfield Av., and thought something disastrous had happened again in Newark.

Upon departing that bus my fresh products from Whole Foods crashed out of the bad because of the humidity onto the street. Miraculously, the glass bottle of cream did not shatter as all items do on my tiled kitchen floor.

Started walking the 1/4 mile to Luigi’s and realized after getting halfway there they were broadcasting the Italy-UK soccer match there outdoors on Bloomfield Av. 
It was exciting to see such a huge crowd locally watching soccer but there they were.

Realizing, this might be a futile venture I started walking back to the nearest working bus stop and arrived back here.  No dinner, But I had a fresh banana and chocolate milk from whole foods. 

And Italy won.